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There’s so much to know about this area of our industry. One must consider the time it takes to prepare for every task. First things first. Your image must be clean and ready for the world. You must determine who you will be to the world. The question is ...How are you unique? Once you figure it out, you must portray this image to the world. Everyone needs a logo. A logo will be your mark. As you begin to create a stamp in the beauty world, people must notice your presence and recognize you every time you show up. Next question is, how will people find you? You must know if you will be solo or a part of a team/company? Let’s talk about going solo. You will need a professional head/body shot. This will allow you to get your image started. Create an ad that expresses who you are and what you do. Post this ad all over your social media/ website. You can even print this ad to pass out at beauty events. Be sure to apply your logo, contact info, and your new head/body shot.

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November 2011

Tomeka is just returning from Trinidad where she was asked to be a part of  “Healing Through Hair”. This mission was headed by Janel Sealy-Smith, the owner of CocoaMane Salon in NY. A group of stylist/ educators went into the Prison in Trinidad to style the hair of the women prisoners. This was a time to speak with them, get to know them, and motivate them with and without words. There were women who were selected as the recipients of the hair styles. Anyone who was not selected still received a treat. There was a minister who ministered to the rest of the women. That’s not all the received. Superstar Cherri Dennis and some local celebrity singers entered the prison with the stylist and minister to sing for the women. This was a day to remember. Tomeka styled the hair for a woman who was set to be released the next day. These women were in a Cosmetology program so they were able to learn about the techniques used by the stylists. They asked a lot of questions and received a lot of answers. They had all types of services done from hair cuts, ponytails, hair additions, lashes, eyebrow waxing, and more. The treats did not end at the prison. A selected few were able to attend the hair show at the Hilton hotel which was filled with fashion and competition. Some of them were a part of the show. They designed a few show pieces (outfits made of hair). The women were also able to attend the educational classes. Tomeka shared her own technique “Mekani” weaving and the “Invisible Part Custom Wig” technique. There was no exchange of money for this event. This was strictly community service. We all must do something for someone else without having your hand out all the time. We will be lucky to see this event continue in the years to come.

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